Prospective Members

I will consider mentoring students interested in most any aspect of evolutionary biology, development, or ecology. I will give preference to students whose interests generally overlap with mine, which focus on utilizing cnidarians (e.g., Nematostella) or other marine invertebrates for understanding molecular mechanisms in development, physiology, and ecology.

Ideal candidates for the Master or PhD program will have had previous research experience to develop general bench skills and some experience/interest in computational biology, but these are not required. Increasingly, research in most any discipline of biology utilizes sequencing data, so students should be intellectually interested in applying these ‘omics approaches to their research. I firmly believe in integrative research and envision students in my lab pursuing interdisciplinary projects (field, lab, and computational). UNC Charlotte is a great environment to conduct these projects. If you are interested in discussing potential opportunities, please email me.

UNC Charlotte undergraduate students are encouraged to contact me about opportunities to conduct research in my laboratory. These opportunities include participation in the Honors Program (link), as Undergraduate Research for credit (BIOL 3900), or on a volunteer basis.

Please feel free to contact me with your interests and I would be more than happy to discuss opportunities in the lab.