After graduate school, I worked as an applied I/O psychologist before I went back to academics. For most of that time I worked at a place called the Human Resources Research Organization. Through my experiences there, I gained an appreciation for how what we study can be applied in the real world.

Since coming to academics I have continued to consult with companies (I have worked with companies such as ADP, Balfour Beatty, Sun Microsystems, and the US Army). I really enjoy talking to people about how things work at their companies and discussing ideas with them that might make things a little bit better.

My expertise is  designing and developing hiring systems (from tests, to interviews, to how to make decisions, to things you need to worry about legally), developing competency models, evaluating the performance of current employees, doing succession planning, and survey construction. I have also done complex data analyses for large organizations and communicated results (in a non-technical way) to high level leaders.

We have an outreach group here on campus called the Organizational Science Consulting and Research Group.  Through this group, our faculty and students can contract with organizations to provide a wide range of consulting services. If there is a potential project that you would like to talk about, please contact me. We can talk about ways that we might be able to help you or I can put you in touch with some other local people who also might be able to help.