I teach a variety of courses, mostly at the graduate level. You can tell from these that I am interested in personnel selection, personality, and measuring things.


Personnel Psychology. This course is a broad survey course of the “I” side of our field. Topics include job analysis, hiring, training and development, and performance appraisal and evaluation.

Senior Seminar in Personality. This is a small, 15 students, capstone course that is both writing and oral intensive. This discussion based class is so much fun to teach! I allow the students to decide the topics we will study over the course of the term; anything is possible as long as it relates to personality.


Introduction to IO Psychology. This course is part of our IO MA program. As an introductory class, we need to introduce students to a broad array of topics from the field of IO psychology. However, since our field involves both science and practice and because our program is designed for working professionals, I try to maintain a science-practice balance in this class. For each topic, we have a set of scientific readings and a brief lecture on the basics of the topic. However, we also have a practitioner who does this kind of work come in and talk to the class, giving the students a sense of how this issue “works” in the field.

Personality Psychology. In this course, we focus on modern trait approaches to the study of personality, considering organizing schemes, biological bases, cross-cultural similarity and differences, and development and change over the life-course.

Talent Acquisition. We take an in-depth look at the scientific literature on hiring practices. We focus on job analysis, the criterion domain, various predictor constructs (cognitive abilities, personality traits), various predictor methods (interviews, assessment centers), legal issues and fairness. I try to build a lot of practical applications of the science into this course as many of the students will be seeking our applied jobs when they graduate.

Organizational Measurement. This is a basic, graduate level course in measurement. The course is really broken down into three sections. In the first, we explore reliability of test scores and ratings. In the second, we explore validity and validation processes. Finally, in the third section, we talk about scaling and test development processes.