Writing Resources

UNC Charlotte Appointment Scheduler

  • UNC Charlotte members can login and make an appointment to meet with tutors

BYU Style Academy

  • Focuses on sentence combining and imitation
  • Helpful for sentence-level writing

The Writer’s Diet by Helen Sword

  • A data driven approach to revising and examing papers
  • Gives and overall rating and color-codes different parts of speech

*This is a tool. Remember to keep the audience in mind*
Purdue OWL

  • MLA and APA documentation guides
  • All-around site for citation, grammar review, and ESL resources

University of Richmond WC

  • Writing in the disciplines guides
  • Getting Started section includes a number of different brainstorming methods (clustering, freewriting, outlining, etc.)

UT Austin Undergraduate Writing Center

  • Style documentation (APA, MLA, etc.)
  • Paraphrasing explanations
  • Introductions and conclusions
Grammar Girl

  • Quick, simple explanations about a bunch of different grammar questions

The Chicago Manual of Style Q&A

  • Great resource for pesky usage questions (e.g. what is the past tense of “to text”?)

The Visual Thesaurus

  • Helps you to visually travel to the exact work you want

Texas A&M Writing Center

  • Business and professional writing
  • Scientific and technical writing (grad students and faculty)

UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center

  • Video tutorials for brainstorming e.g. color coding, reverse outlining, webbing, and more

  • Transitions list

  • Videos on how and why we cite

  • Selection of disciplinary writing guides