2015 conference videos

In case you missed some of the great events at the INSS conference in 2015:

Panel discussions and keynote

  • Social sustainability initiatives in planning and engineering panel (video*)
  • Charlotte-area leaders discuss their efforts to engage with social aspects of sustainability (video*)
  • Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy talks about socially sustainable infrastructure as the 2015 INSS conference keynote speaker. (video*) (other materials)

Individual papers and discussions

  • Robert Boyer presents on his current work about different ways social sustainability has been conceptualized, followed by a discussion with the audience. (video*)
  • Malena Alessandra Serrano presents about communicating earthquake risks. (video*) (other materials)
  • Poonam Arora presents on Argentine agribusiness decisions under uncertainty and their relation to social sustainability. (video*) (other materials)
  • Adam Griffith presents about NC coastal erosion and social sustainability. (video*) (other materials)
  • Sandra Santa Cruz presents on participatory earthquake risk reduction in Peru. (video*) (other materials)

*Thanks to Natasha Stracener and her students in UNCC Classroom Support for their work filming and editing the videos marked with an asterisk