ASU agenda

Draft Agenda
INSS Annual Conference
April 8-10, 2015
Arizona State University Site

This year, in an effort to reduce travel impacts, we are experimenting with a novel hybrid conference model. Several “nodes” are available for participants to gather and engage with us:

UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Oregon State Univ. Cascades, Bend, OR

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
University College London, London, UK

Some sessions will be for local attendees only, but many of the sessions, including the keynote session, will be shared during on-line connections times.

All sites will be exploring the intersection of infrastructure and social sustainability. Through our keynote presentation and the infrastructure sub-themes each site has elected to emphasize, we will consider the ways in which we understand, study, and create linkages between infrastructure and social sustainability.

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 (all in AZ time; MST)
(red denotes events simulcast across all sites)
8:00 am Formal welcome online from Charlotte and introductions from all sites
9:00 am Keynote speaker: Adjo A. Amekudzi-Kennedy(Georgia Tech)
10:30 am Cross-site shared (online) activities:
Cross-site Presentation session: Each of ‘several’ ASU programs or major research projects relating their perspective on the major themes (of sustainability, social perspective, infrastructure)

Tentative agenda (15 minutes each)

Sally Kitch and Joni Adamson: Environmental Humanities at ASU
Clark Miller (and Dave Guston): Center for Science Policy Outcomes (CSPO) and proposed degree program
Mike Chester: Infrastructure design and social vulnerability to extreme heat (the NSF IMEE project)
David Manuel-Navarrete: MEGADAPT project: vulnerability and emerging policy solutions
Chris Boone: The Vision of the School of Sustainability (GIOS too?)

12:30 pm – 1.30 pm Lunch served
 1:30 pm

Continuation of presentation of major on-going Sustainability/Resilience projects and programs

Tentative agenda (15 minutes each)

Amy Landis: School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SEBE) principles, goals, approaches
Susan Clark and Tom Seager: Directions created by major engineering sustainability projects such as WSC, RIPS, and others that are in the works
Abby York: Environmental Social Science (ESS) program and social sustainability
Chuck Redman (or Nancy): Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (URExSRN), directions of possible future research and applications
Jamey Wetmore: Community Engagement Workshops as part of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society project.

3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm  Panel and all hands discussion on ASU programs, potential collaboration, major issues to pursue
4:15 pm Adjourn for the day
4:30 pm- Happy Hour (TBD)
Friday, April 10th, 2015
(red denotes events simulcast across all sites)
8:00 am Available online from Charlotte: Social sustainability initiative in planning and engineering organizations (e.g., NEA, ASCE and APA).
10:00 am Break
10:15 am At ASU: Panel presentation and discussion of alternate views of Resilience organized by Daniel Eisenberg and Johnny Thomas
12:30 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Volunteered Papers
John Thomas: A human resilience model for the design and operation of technological systems

Papers related to major themes/challenges of social sustainability
(1) Communication impacts research efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes while also influencing public knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.
(2) How might experience-based and education-based activities shorten and solidify the connection between humans’ sustainability perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors?
(3) What is a sustainable approach to the flows of goods and services: i.e., tradeoff between efficiency (smart cities) versus flexibility and privacy (redundancy, diversity, etc.)
(4) Food, water, and energy nexus (or some other aspect of food security)

4:00 pm Adjourn