Conference presentations

Names, affiliations and conference site participants are attending

Atiyeh Ardakanian and Sarah Bell, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, University College London (London, UK): Sustainability of social values or social aspects of sustainability?
Poonam Arora, Manhattan College,and Nicole Peterson, UNC Charlotte, (Charlotte, NC): Perceiving the environment through relationships: Argentinian agribusiness owners’ decisions about management and their relationships with neighbors
Emily Boyer (Bend, OR): The sustainable potential of “non-profit” organizations
Robert Boyer, UNC Charlotte (Charlotte, NC): Cohousing and Charlotte’s first cohousing development
Thomas J. Doherty, Lewis & Clark Graduate School / Sustainable Self, LLC (Bend, OR): Discourses in environmental psychology: Implications for social sustainability
Michael Drinkwater, WayFair Associates (London, UK): Human security and well being: Addressing inequality and the dysfunctions of the economic growth model
Ann Erhardt, Director of Sustainability, Michigan State University (Lansing, MI): MSU sustainability: Developing social sustainability in campus engagement programs
Hannah Fernando and Danielle Lake, Liberal Studies, Grand Valley State University (Lansing, MI): Motivating transdisciplinary, local-action at the undergraduate level: Wicked problems and design thinking
Steve Fisher, Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley (Bend, OR): The role of journalism in a sustainable society
Fernanda Garcia Alba Garciadiego, University College London (London, UK): Mexico City’s Blue Pattern
Briana Goodwin, Oregon State University (Bend, OR): An evaluation of Oregon State University’s process for siting their proposed grid-connected wave energy test facility
Amanda S. Green, Oregon State University (Bend, OR): Social and sustainable dimensions of sub-Arctic food systems: The case of northern Sweden
Adam D. Griffith, UNC Charlotte (Charlotte, NC): Sustainability of US coastal development
Jennifer Hirsch, The Institute of Cultural Affairs and Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network, Belinda Li, Citta Partnership/Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network, and Johnnie Owens, Centers for New Horizons/Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (Lansing, MI): Preparing for rainy days: Culturally-inspired smart grid education in diverse Chicago communities
Angelique Hjarding, UNC Charlotte (Charlotte, NC): The Butterfly Highway: connecting people and nature
Peter Howe, Utah State University (Bend, OR): What your neighbors think about climate change: The geography of perceptions, beliefs, & behaviors in the U.S.
Elizabeth Marino, OSU-Cascades (Bend, OR): The social infrastructure of a sustainable campus: Looking forward at OSU-Cascades
Elizabeth Miller, UNC Charlotte (Charlotte, NC): Continuing the Conversation: Coming Together for Social Sustainability
Ronald B. Mitchell, University of Oregon (Bend, OR): The problem structure of climate change and the need for a discursive transition
Sandra Santa-Cruz, Graciela Fernandez de Córdova , Miryam Rivera Holguin, Marta Vilela Lucía Bracco , Victor Arana , and Juan Palomino, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (Charlotte, NC): Experiences and results of participatory workshop on seismic risk reduction in the student population of the City of Lima-Peru
Malena Alessandra Serrano Lazo, Marcial Blondet, and Álvaro Rubiños, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (Charlotte, NC): Training in earthquake resistant construction with adobe in the Peruvian Andes
Sara Q. Thompson, OSU-Cascades, and Andrea A. Wirth, Oregon State University Libraries & Press (Bend, OR): The library is open: Evolving definitions of library collections, patrons, and access
Bryan Tilt, Jody Hepperly, and Huaxia Zhong, Oregon State University (Bend, OR) Establishing a global database to analyze the social impacts of dams: Problems and prospects
Jenna Tilt, Oregon State University, and Paul Ries, Oregon Department of Forestry (Bend, OR) Green infrastructure: Overcoming institutional and social boundaries in small communities
Madhavi Venkatesan, Bridgewater State University (Online): Sustainability and the economics of embedded values
Seva Gandhi, Institute of Cultural Affairs, Terry Bergdall, PhD – (ICA), Jennifer Hirsch, PhD, Caitlin Sarro (ICA). Samantha Sainsbury (Public Allies) (Lansing. MI): Creating and Growing a Community-Based Sustainability Leaders Network
Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network, (Lansing, MI) Smart Grid, Historic Landmarks, and Corner Stores: A Network Approach to Sustainability in Chicago Communities
Stephen Vrla, Michigan State University (Lansing, MI): The Social Aspects of Animal-Vehicle Collisions: A Call for Further Research
George Bird, Michigan State University (Lansing, MI): Social Sustainability: Historical Perspective from a Soil Health Biologist
Mark Skidmore, Michigan State University (Lansing, MI): Social Sustainability in Detroit and Beyond
Chris Wolsko</strong>, Oregon State University – Cascades: Healthy People, Healthy Place: Merging Ecological and Social Sustainability
Working group: Research agenda (lead by Rachelle Hollander)
Working group: Space (lead by Helene Hilger)