Featured Speaker: Poonam Arora

Poonam Arora studies the influence exerted by social factors on individual and organizational tradeoffs in social and environmental dilemmas.

“Understanding the Role of Integrated Sustainability in Security and Prosperity”

Capitalism and free markets have long been viewed as the main driver of economic development, often at the cost of the environment and social structures. Businesses have become more aware that a pure focus on profits alone negatively impacts our planet and are starting to move toward a triple bottom line perspective (people, planet, profit) taking into account the need for economic, environmental, and social sustainability. What is less understood is how these three pillars of sustainability interact and their impact on security, access to resources, and global prosperity. This talk explores linkages between the three types of sustainability and the crucial role that businesses and decision makers have in supporting sustainability. We examine macro-level data for broad trends and specific case studies to identify best practices and actions for businesses, organizations, and governments. We propose a systems-based view and discuss the role of balanced priorities to further the conversation about sustainability and prosperity.