Heidi Pruess

Heidi PruessHeidi Pruess is the Mecklenburg County Community Plan and Sustainability Officer in Charlotte, NC.  Heidi is primarily responsible for development of the Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan and administering the Mecklenburg County Environmental Sustainability Plan.

The Mecklenburg Livable Communities Plan is a joint initiative between local governments and the community is an internal County to develop a unified vision that incorporates community-wide goals.  In addition to Community Plan initiatives, Heidi is the lead for Mecklenburg County’s Environmental Sustainability Plan, implementing strategies toward meeting the County’s goal of 85% or more of operations conducted in an environmentally sustainability manner. Heidi is the County staff liaison for the, citizen comprised, Environmental Policy Coordinating Council (EPCC). The EPCC reports to the County Board of Commissioners on environmental priorities for the County.

Finally, Heidi is the editor of the biennial State of the Environment Report for Mecklenburg County.  Heidi has worked in the environmental and sustainability profession for 20 years and is a Certified Environmental Professional.

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