The 2013 May INSS meeting resulted in discussions about several kinds of projects we as a network can undertake. Each is headed by one of the members, who you should contact if you would like to participate in the project (or fill out the form below). Suggestions for other projects can also be emailed to us here; please include your name and contact information as the lead for this project.

Ongoing projects can be viewed on our INSS Wiki Site:

Project Description
 Technology  Revamping the website and other communication media
 Reimagining the grid  Creating a new representation for the network
 Professional workshops  Devising strategies and materials for workshops at professional meetings
 Public communication Developing ways to engage the general public in social sustainability conversations through art and other means
 Assessment tools  Producing an inventory of current assessment tools to identify gaps and problems
 Communication tools  Developing a handbook or course curricula, communicating experiences with social sustainability
 Research agenda  Initiating a research agenda for funding

Join an ongoing project:

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